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Sundance Probate is frequently called upon to assist people who are dealing with troubling times and circumstances. We take that obligation seriously and with compassion. We recognize the trust our clients’ place in us and we strive to guide you towards the best outcomes possible. If you need guidance in one of our areas of concentration, please reach out.

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Sundance Probate, PLLC is a Fort Worth based law firm. Our areas of concentration include Probate Law, Estates and Estate Planning and Federal Taxation. We are proud to represent clients throughout the state of Texas. Founder Dale O’Neal, is recognized as a Top Fort Worth Attorney by Fort Worth Magazine.

We know the thought of handling issues like wills, property transfers, estate law and so forth may sound daunting. As your probate and estate administration lawyer, we work with you to insure this process runs smoothly. Your attorney will review all aspects of the estate involved and direct you towards the most effective and economical manner to transfer property to anyone entitled. Should you be named as the executor in a Will, we patiently guide you through each of the required steps.

Sadly, there are times when someone dies without a Will. If you are a loved one of someone involved in a situation like this, your probate attorney will advise all aspects of the estate and give you all the options for administering and distributing the estate.

Sundance Probate offers presonalized legal representation designed to meet your unique circumstances and needs. We work closely with you to make sure you understand every aspect of your legal situation and what your options are and dedicate the necessary time and attention throughout all phases of your situation to see that your needs are fully met. To get specific answers to your Texas probate or Estate Law issue, contact Sundance Probate Attorneys, at (817) 877-5995 or email us at lawyeroneal@gmail.com.

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Our attorneys offer legal counsel to clients in all stages of the Texas probate and guardianship process. We seek to offer calm, reasoned guidance during troubling and stressful times.

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Estate Planning

Texans would benefit from estate planning. We believe that everyone should plan for the organization of their estate and assets. This affords you control over the distribution

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Federal Tax law is very complex and difficult to navigate. Our experienced attorneys can assist you with any issues regarding the IRS or tax structuring issues with which you may be faced.

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Our mission is to represent our clients and vigorously pursue the best possible outcome.

Dale O’Neal and his law firm receive many handwritten thank-you notes just like these from appreciative clients. 

When you need an attorney that sees you as a person first and really listens to your issues and concerns contact the law offices of Sundance Probate

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